Why can't Warmer process LinkedIn Sales Navigator Urls?

Warmer allows you to use Public LinkedIn URLs to generate super unique and accurate personalized lines.

However, there are some LinkedIn URLs that we can't scrape. Take this example:


This is a Sales Navigator URL and not able to be processed by Warmer  ❌


This is a public profile, which Warmer can easily scrape and process for you. ✅

What can you do?

There are some tools that can convert your Linkedin Sales Navigator URLs to public Linkedin profile URLs (e.g. Phantombuster or Linkedin Helper). Once you have converted those URLs to public Linkedin profile URLs, Warmer will be able to use them to search for any contact data relating to those URLs.

Alternatively, you can simply click the link to redirect to the public profile, and then copy that URL directly into Warmer. This is time consuming however and not a practice we recommend.

Unfortunately this is a limitation on LinkedIn's side and there is nothing we can do to sidestep it, Warmer always recommends using public profile URLs with the service.

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